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Central Pacific

Where the forest meet the beaches

The Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica holds two cities with significant tourism facilities and attractions: Jacó and Quepos. The region is wet and rainy, and as a result the hills that hug the coastline are hotspots of biodiversity.

The forests include transitional forests, which have characteristics of both dry and wet tropical forests. These ecosystems provide a habitat for numerous plant and animal species that are protected in areas including Manuel Antonio National Park and Carara National Park.

The coast is dotted by a series of breathtaking beaches, some of which are just a 2-hour drive from San José. The region also offers recreational and cultural attractions, not to mention several events organized throughout the year, especially the athletic competitions for which the region is known.

Dominical is the gateway to the beautiful beaches of the south. The Costanera is the highway that links most of the beaches of the Pacific coast, from Puntarenas to Playa Tortuga in the south.

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