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Costa Rica's strikingly diverse terrain – lush forests, wildlife reserves, and tropical beaches – offers a little something for every traveler. Whether you seek sun, nature or adventure, there's much to discover in this paradise.

Here are a few exciting itineraries you can check, we can modify accommodations, transportation or switch activities in order to adjust to your preferences or to meet your budget. 

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custom-made tours

Custom Trips are tailor-made itineraries designed for individual travelers, families, or groups. We can arrange an itinerary around your interests, dates, and special requests.


Birding, People & Culture, Photography, Nature & Wildlife…

Hojas de helecho

Incentive Trips, Meetings & Events

Costa Rica is a Tropical Paradise, a perfect place for incentive trips, meetings & events. Encourage your sales team to meet challenging business goals of the company, by offering an unforgettable & entertaining experience.  

Hojas de helecho


 Costa Rica is one of the most reliable, affordable and efficient countries for medical procedures. We have high-quality doctors and dentists, many of whom are fluent in English. 

One of the best things about traveling to Costa Rica for medical care is that you save money without cutting quality. On average, medical tourists save 40-70 percent by getting a procedure done in Costa Rica and will also allows you to explore a foreign land, a vibrant country that draws people from around the world.

At the Dentist
Child at the Dentist