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The pearl of the Pacific!

The coasts of the Puntarenas tourist zone are adorned by islands, beaches and natural treasures. It is a tourist destination par excellence. Its territory offers a variety of beach and sun attractions that complement the protected zones, insular and continental areas. Such is the case of the Absolute Natural Reserve of Cabo Blanco, the Islands of San Lucas, Chira, Tolinga and Isla del Coco; The latter, although geographically outside the Gulf, is a high-ranking attraction of the Costa Rican tourism product.

Its main center, the City of Puntarenas, functions as a place of stay, distribution and excursion. Traditional hotels and cabins near the sea and also “all-inclusive” hotels prevail for the most part.

The area made up of the Nicoya Peninsula, Paquera, Lepanto and Cóbano belonging to the province of Puntarenas, has outstanding natural beauty and has very attractive beaches. This area is characterized by spatial discontinuity, since it includes two sectors of the Gulf of Nicoya coastline. The connection between both coasts is made by maritime transport.

This tourist area is joined by the Monteverde area, known worldwide for its efforts in favor of conservation and a lifestyle focused on respect for nature. Some of its main attractions are the Monteverde Biological Reserve, the Santa Elena Biological Reserve, picturesque roads, flora and fauna observation places, natural landscape, among others.

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