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Information about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country, but rich for its people, for its level of education, for its learning capacity and for its specialization. Its natural wealth consists of its fauna, its flora, its rivers, its beaches in both oceans, its land and its climate that allow it to produce the twelve months of the year.

There are no political or social concerns that keep the country unstable. Costa Rica's army is made up of its teachers and its great working mass, from a laborer to a biotechnologist, all living together in peace. The Costa Rican people are characterized by their legendary cordiality and friendly nature. The vast majority of the population is descended from Spanish and European settlers. The official language is Spanish, however, a growing percentage of the population speaks English.

For these reasons, exports have grown steadily for more than twelve years, occupying in recent years the first place in Latin America. Costa Rican and foreign investments have allowed this development.

It produces from the tastiest and finest coffee, to ostrich meat and beautiful butterflies that brighten the spirit of Europeans. They develop from software programs to the cultivation of the pejibaye palm heart, which is now being developed by other nations.

Costa Rica, with an extension of 51,100 km2, is home to people with a spirit full of hospitality who invite you to get to know their country.